At KASE Logistics, we have only one goal.   That goal is to save our clients as much as possible off of their shipping costs.  KASE Logistics offers everything from overnight and ground domestic shipping to international import and export as well as LTL service.    If you’re paying retail rates or you are getting small discounts for your overnight, international, ground  and LTL, find out how you can dramatically lower your costs.

There are no contracts to sign, no shipping minimums you need to satisfy & most importantly, NO COSTS to get started. Simply ship as you normally do at a fraction of the costs. Request a no obligation quote & see how easy it is to save money. It’s Overnight…Done Right!  Call today at 410.458.9886


Overnight Delivery:
KASE Logistics offers everything in overnight delivery for both domestic as well as international shipments.  Access Next Day Air, 2-Day, 3-Day and ground for domestic.  International service is as just as simple and amazingly cost effective with discounts that can cut your costs virtually in half!

LTL & TruckLoad:
For your larger shipments, LTL  and  Full Truck, know that you will get the best rates through an extensive network of carriers.  Whatever you need, from flatbed, hazardous materials to refrigerated trucks, know that you can get the best services at the best prices.


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